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X-Power 300 - Portable - Rechargeable - Electrical Generator
Quiet - Portable - Rechargeable - Safe For Indoor Use

X-Power 300 - Portable - Rechargeable - Electrical Generator
Model Description Price  
XPOWER300PP 300 Watt
X Power Generator
Not Currently Available
The 300-watt electronic generator that's easy-to-use and rechargeable:
  • 300 Watts of household AC power

  • Runs AC or DC electronic products

  • Jump-starts cars, RVs, or boats

  • Rechargeable 21amp-hour battery

  • 1 year warranty

  • Specs - Click Here

  • Users Guide - Click Here

NOTE: Will run most sleep apnea ( CPAP ) machines for 6 - 7 hours. (CPAP machines must have 12 volt DC input)

XPower 300 Portable Power packs are battery integrated systems that provide silent, portable household power. They integrate a battery and inverter to provide portable electricity and backup power anytime, anywhere. XPower Power packs are also ideal for power emergencies. XPower Power pack 300 models include a built-in fluorescent emergency light and jumper cables.
CAUTION: There is no low voltage disconnect in the DC port. (This means if not closely monitored, you will completely drain the battery rendering it useless.) CET recommends the Battery Guard to be used when using the DC port. The manufacturer's warranty does not cover draining the battery.

X-Power 300 - Portable - Rechargeable - Electrical Generator Use the X Power 300 for leisure or work applications. Power a portable stereo for 18 hours, a 13" TV for over an hour, or a laptop computer for seven hours. xPower 300 can also jump start a car, truck or boat and can operate a wide variety of DC-powered appliances. (See Below)

The X Power 300 is easy to carry and use, and requires no maintenance. The unit has a compact, integrated design that combines a 300-watt inverter with 21 amp-hour battery and recharging capability.

Recharge X Power using utility power from your wall outlet, from your vehicle as you drive, from a system equipped with a 12-volt battery-charging outlet, or from a solar panel.
X-Power 300 - Portable - Rechargeable - Electrical Generator The X Power 300 provides power to electrical equipment and appliances rated at 300 watts continuous or less. The system surges to 500 watts and is perfect for powering items such as laptop computers, table lamps, fans, blenders, electric coolers and more. Simply turn the X Power 300's inverter on and plug in the appliance.

The X Power 300 can typically power an electric fan for 12 hours or a cordless phone for 46 hours. The exact run time depends on the amount of power being drawn by the application and the charge-state of xPower's battery.

X Power 300 shuts off automatically if an AC appliance is rated higher than 300 watts or if the battery is too low.

Reliable, Dual-Outlet Inverter with Protection Features

The X Power 300's inverter converts 12-volt DC battery power to 115-volt, household AC power. Single AC outlet. xPower's inverter features high surge protection to ensure longer inverter life and enables xPower 300 to start high surge appliances like a 27" TV. A low battery voltage alarm warns you when the inverter has nearly discharged the battery prior to automatic shutdown. This feature is for the AC application. If using the DC port you need to purchase RPSC-810 Battery Guard.

High-Power DC Connector

The High-Power DC Connector allows the use of cables for jump starting the vehicle or supplying power from a second 12-volt battery source. Product operating times can be increased significantly by using the jump-start cables to connect to an additional battery.

X-Power 300 - Portable - Rechargeable - Electrical Generator Easy to Monitor Display Panel
  • Display Panel, located on the front of xPower 300 below the carrying handle, includes a DC Power Socket, A Charger Input Socket, a Recharge Status Indicator and a Battery Level Indicator.
  • DC Power Socket provides power to 12-volt DC appliances. It can also be used to recharge xPower's battery from a 12-volt DC source or it can extend operating time if two xPower systems are connected together.
  • Charger Input Socket used with the AC Charger, allows recharging from an AC outlet.
  • Recharge Status Indicator illuminates while charging and indicates when charging is complete.
  • Battery Level Indicator provides a quick status of the battery's charge level with four light emitting diode (LED) lights.

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